Illusive Pictures

Twelve Acres

Johnny a small-time writer, returns to his hometown of Coldwater determined to solve the mysterious death of his sister that occurred when they were children. But after arriving, he realizes the place he once called home has a sinister side he never knew existed. With the odds stacked against him and his grip on reality slipping, Joe must confront the darkness surrounding him or become part of it.


With a deep admiration for the work of David Lynch, the concept for '12 Acres' was developed. As an homage to the brilliant show Twin Peaks; the story is filled with lush locations, interesting characters, and a complex plot with tantalizing secrets. Desiring to push the boundaries on what could be accomplished on a shoestring budget, our goal was to move as far away from the typical 'college student film' while staying within our financial limitations. With a budget of only three hundred dollars, the production team was built of volunteer film students and professionals who all believed in world being created. After the film was completed, it premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, where it was subsequently purchased by DirectTV for their newly developed short film channel ShortsHD.