Illusive Pictures


With five days before the exam of a lifetime, a student locks himself away in his apartment to prepare. As nights slip by and his anxiety constantly rising, he fights himself and isolation while time ticks away to a deadline he might never be ready for.


With touches of the psychological and an interwoven story of a long-distance break up with a girlfriend “Nights” is an experiment in telling a large story on a small canvas. As a meditation on the self-medicated generation of professional students currently in college, this story was one our young crew could easily relate to. Inspired by Darren Aronofky’s ‘Pi’, the desire to show the slow deterioration of a student's mind on course to a break down was one that needed to be told. The film allowed us to flex our creative muscles, distancing ourselves as far away from 12 Acres as possible. Nights premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival once completed.