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Will Ellison (Rhet Kid - The Equalizer, Olive Kitteridge) a former high school football star, thought he did everything right. But after five long unemployed years since leaving college, he's realizing that his future isn't the handout he was promised. Withis parents' financial support drying up and the world leaving him behind, Will has to choose to grow up or be lost with the fading American Dream.


'Overachiever' is a labor of love two years in the making. It is a very personal film, one that focuses on post-grad millennials entering the workforce for the first time and the struggles that come with it.

Countless young adults graduate college with massive debt and no true skill-set to support themselves with. How does one build a life and career when they have no career to begin with?

This is the question at the very core of the film. A journey of one man finally realizing the harsh realities of the adult world. A world that does not give hand-outs, that does not offer second chances. A world that only overachievers find success.